At least 4 arrests in Portland protests

A road closure sign is seen in downtown Portland Ore. Friday Aug. 16 2019 in advance of a rally as the city prepares for crowds. In the past week authorities in Portland have arrested a half-dozen members of right-wing groups on charges related to

Meanwhile, the counter-demonstration included antifa members dressed all in black, many wearing masks.

By late morning the Portland police had said they'd already seized items like bear spray, shields and metal and wooden poles from "multiple groups".

President Donald Trump says "Portland is being watched very closely" as the Northwest city braces for a right-wing rally that's expected to draw demonstrators from around the well as counterprotesters.

"Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an 'ORGANIZATION OF TERROR, '" the President wrote in a tweet.

Proud Boys says incidents of violence allegedly involving members of the loosely organised antifa movement, an global coalition of militant activists and protesters opposed to the far right - justifies a ban.

The Proud Boys, however, say they are a group for young "Western chauvinist" men.

Portland is preparing for the "End Domestic Terrorism" event Saturday, billed as a rally against antifa.

They point to scattered incidents of violence purportedly involving members of the loosely-organised antifa movement.

Outlaw was joined by Mayor Ted Wheeler, who condemned the Proud Boys' pledge to continue visiting Portland until the local anti-fascist groups are silenced.

Mr Trump has previously mentioned white supremacists, as well as antifa as being a major issue.

The Portland Police Bureau held a media briefing Friday, outlining its plans for the scheduled demonstration that is attracting far-right figures from across the country and prompting local counter-protests.

Authorities have arrested six members of right-wing groups, including the leader of Patriot Prayer, in the run-up to the event on charges related to past protests. He was at a confrontation that broke out on May 1 outside a bar where members of the so-called "antifa" movement had gathered after a May Day demonstration.

"But we don't care about who you are or your politics are".

A video of that attack went viral and allegedly led the Proud Boys to organise Saturday's event.

'What I'm saying to everybody who's listening to this (is) they're trying to shut you guys up.

Chief Danielle Outlaw speaks to reporters at an evening press conference.

"When a government pushes back like that, we don't bend the knee", Gibson said as he walked to the jail.

Authorities arrested at least 13 people, but there were no serious injuries, a police spokeswoman said. Others are expected to include members of the American Guard, the Three Percenters, the Oathkeepers and the Daily Stormers.

The city's mayor said the situation was "potentially unsafe and volatile" but as of early afternoon most of the right-wing groups had left the area via a downtown bridge and police used officers on bikes and in riot gear to keep black clad, helmet and mask-wearing anti-fascist protesters - known as antifa - from following them.

Authorities asked residents not to call 911 unless it's a life-threatening emergency and to stay away from the heart of downtown.



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