Apex Legends Makers Facing Backlash For Iron Crown Loot Boxes

Apex Legends Makers Facing Backlash For Iron Crown Loot Boxes

It took a solid six months to arrive but at long last, Apex Legends has a solo playlist.

Apex Legends has rolled out a new event, Iron Crown, featuring exclusive cosmetic items obtainable through loot boxes.

Apex Legends finally receives the much-awaited Solo Mode at the Iron Crown Collection Event as promised by Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn paying streamers to play Apex on stream both during its launch and the addition of Solos has only added fuel to this argumental-fire, with many calling on the developer to stop trying to attract new players and focus on content to keep the already existing playerbase.

Even after spending more than a week's worth of grocery bills on opening loot boxes, there is still no guarantee players will get the cosmetics they want from them. Each pack brings a total of three items.

The issue players are having is that, while 2 of the 24 available packs can be retrieved by playing the game, the remaining packs cost 700 Apex Coins - which translates to $7. The event has brought several challenges to complete and unlock two free Apex Packs. The game's Battle Pass system has been around since mid Season 1 but it has also been surrounded by criticism.

The Iron Crown Collection Event is one of the few events that the game has held since its launch in February.

To test whether people are really cheating the system, Eurogamer tried "queue sniping" (where simultaneously readying up with a pal makes it more likely you'll be matched in the same solo lobby) and sure enough found they dropped into the same solo game "four out of the five times we tried". "We are always striving to ensure healthy matchmaking across all modes, so it's too early to say whether Solos will be permanent or not, but we're going to watch and see what happens", reads the studio's statement, which closes by asking that players provide any and all feedback on their experiences. Have you purchased any packs?



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