Watching the tropics, Gulf of Mexico for next storm!


Now this system is located over south-central Georgia, meaning it is over land and has no chance of developing yet!

There's a growing potential for tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico. There is also a low chance for a few showers and t-storms. This activity will be primarily driven by daytime heating and diminish after sunset. A low pressure area now over Georgia will move south and be in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico by Wednesday.

"It's not going to be a Harvey-type situation at 60 inches, but there's potential for local heavy rain and flooding", he said.

As it lingers over the warm waters this will allow the system to get better organized and strengthen to a strong tropical storm and could possibly be a low-end hurricane by Friday afternoon.

"Latest forecast data is now strongly suggesting this system - whatever it becomes - will move on a more westward track toward Louisiana", Borowski said.

However, the system's impact on the Tampa Bay area appears to be lessening, forecasters said. Heavy rain will be possible along the northern Gulf coast this weekend, regardless of the strength of the storm. If it remains disorganized but continues to drift this direction, lower tides, lighter winds and much less rainfall would result. If the storm manages to organize and make landfall near Houston as a tropical storm, we would have all the things associated with it including heavy rain, winds and high tides.

The first named storm of the season, Subtropical Storm Andrea, formed and dissipated in May. A tropical storm forms, on average, two out of every three years in July across the Atlantic basin.

Rainfall in the US has broken records a stunning three times this year, with above- to much-above average participation in the Deep South through the MS and OH river valleys as well as the East Coast, according to the NOAA.



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