Romanian murder suspect admits killing two missing teens

Romanian murder suspect admits killing two missing teens

Interior Minister Nicolae Moga on July 26 said he fired Police Chief Ioan Buda and two other officials - Olt County Prefect Petre Neacsu and Olt County Police Chief Cristian Voiculescu - over the slow response by police to the kidnapping.

Authorities say a 65-year-old mechanic is suspected of having picked her up in his auto as she was hitchhiking to Caracal from a nearby village.

A man casts a shadow outside the Interior Ministry, in Bucharest, Romania, Friday, July 26, 2019, next to flowers and candles placed in memory of a 15 year-old girl, killed after police took 19 hours to locate her after she was kidnapped by a man in southern Romania.

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila also called for efforts to reduce the authorities' reaction time in similar cases, after police were criticized for reacting too slowly to the girl's repeated phone calls for help to the country's emergency hotline.

Thousands of people took part Saturday evening in Bucharest in a march protesting the handling of the case, blaming Romanian officials for negligence, incompetence and a lack of empathy. A Facebook post by a man identified as the victim's uncle said: "My niece Alexandra may have been killed while police and prosecutors "guarded" the criminal".

"He's coming, he's coming", the teen identified as Alexandra said in one of the calls Thursday to Romania's 911 number, according to reports. "A few heads have fallen but not enough!"

Her family articulate officers did now not use her calls seriously, while police articulate they'd anguish tracing her.

Alternatively, police then utilized for a search warrant - though it used to be no longer legally required - and waited till the morning to enter the residence.

A 65-year-old suspect found in the building was still being held for questioning, media reported Saturday.

"He confessed the facts", Dinca's lawyer Bogdan Alexandru told reporters at the suspect's residence in Caracal.

There is "evidence to be determined by expertise, like what kind of bones they are", the lawyer said. "A girl who by all indications could even safe been saved has died".

The case has also prompted questions over the sudden disappearance of another local teenager who has been missing since April, apparently also after hitching a ride.

At the scene, they found what appeared to be human remains in a barrel as well as jewellery.



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