Few supplements have proven heart benefits

Researchers Are Giving An Opinion For The Supplements That Is Not Helping Your Heart

But a new study, published July 2019 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, indicated that few nutritional supplements - or even dietary interventions - offer any protection against heart disease.

However nearly everything else, including niacin, iron and a veritable alphabet soup of vitamins, "had no important effect on mortality or cardiovascular disease outcomes", in accordance with the evaluation, revealed Monday in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

The dietary interventions that they took into consideration were: reduced saturated fat, reduced salt, modified dietary fat, higher consumption of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, Mediterranean diet, higher intake of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid, and reduced dietary fat.

The reported benefit of folate seemed to be largely driven by the inclusion of one study from China, where a folate-rich diet is not routine.

"This analysis further reveals that despite in-depth sales and use of various dietary supplements, there's a lack of scientific proof supporting the usage of many dietary supplements", stated Dr. Bruce Y. Lee, an affiliate professor of global health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who was not concerned with the analysis.

In fact, people who took calcium and vitamin D supplements together actually had a higher risk of experiencing a stroke, although only with moderate certainty.

The findings provide support to those concerned about the overuse of vitamin D to improve cardiovascular health, among other conditions. "This initiates atherosclerosis and blood clot formation and consequently causes stroke".

Researchers from West Virginia University analysed 277 randomised controlled trials of close to one million people to determine the effects of 16 nutritional supplements and eight dietary interventions when it came to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease in adults.

While vitamin and supplement use have become the norm for many when it comes to managing an array of health conditions, experts have warned that there's inadequate data about the effectiveness of these interventions when it comes to staving off heart disease or helping people live longer.

"In this umbrella review, we included six trials of Mediterranean diet", he says. People with hypertension are already at risk for various cardiovascular events. So the totality of evidence is still inconclusive about benefits of this particular eating style.

The findings had been unsurprising, mentioned Susan Jebb, a professor of diet and inhabitants health at the University of Oxford. Not according to a new meta-analysis.

There are no data to support the common use of supplements and vitamins, and it follows that testing for levels of vitamin D or other vitamins has little basis, Topol, founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, told LabPulse.com by email.

Other studies relied on food diaries which were based on a person's memory of what they consumed. "There are so many factors that affect mortality", he said, "and it is hard to account for all of these in randomized controlled trials and population cohort studies". The impacts of supplements and diets were studied on mortality risk and cardiovascular disease.



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