Trump says US, Mexico reach agreement to prevent tariffs

Mexico made the concessions after Trump threatened to slap escalating tariffs of 5% on all Mexican goods from Monday if Mexico's president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, did not do more to tighten his country's borders. Mexico, however, had already meant to do that before Trump's latest threat and had made that clear to USA officials. That will be announced at the appropriate time, ' he wrote.

Under the agreement, Mexico will "offer jobs, healthcare and education" to those individuals.

The newspaper also said Mexico agreed in March to deploy its National Guard throughout the country, giving priority to the southern border.

In addition, Mexican authorities will be taking "decisive action to dismantle human smuggling and trafficking organisations as well as their illicit financial and transportation networks, the State Department said".

'If President Obama made the deals that I have made, both at the Border and for the Economy, the Corrupt Media would be hailing them as Incredible, & a National Holiday would be immediately declared, ' he tweeted separating from his original thread. "The tariffs are going forward as of Monday".

Migrants and residents using a makeshift raft to cross the Suchiate river from Guatemala to Ciudad Hidalgo in southern Mexico [Image: Courtesy] The Washington Post reported that a potential deal to avoid the tariffs would allow the United States to deport asylum seekers from Honduras and El Salvador to Guatemala, which they pass through to get to Mexico and then the United States.

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke mocked President Trump's claims of victory in the recent deal reached with Mexico to avert his threatened tariffs - calling the president's claims "overblown" and arguing that he has hurt the economic ties between Washington and its closest neighbor.

The Trump administration believed the deal would "fix the immigration issue", Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Saturday in a Reuters interview on the sidelines of a G20 finance meeting in Fukuoka, Japan.

U.S. President Donald Trump talks about the U.S. -Mexico border during a fundraising roundtable with campaign donors in San Antonio, Texas, U.S. April 10, 2019. Trump's Friday night tweet marked a sharp reversal from earlier in the day, when his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters: "Our position has not changed". Just a few days later, he backed off that threat, saying he was pleased with steps Mexico had taken.

He also said he could move to reimpose tariffs if Mexico doesn't follow through on its promises.

Leaving the State Department Friday night, Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said he thought the deal struck "a fair balance" because the U.S. "had more drastic proposals and measures at the start".

In the United States, migrants must see immigration judges before they can be sent to wait in Mexico, and a shortage of judges slowed the process. "And one urgent one at this moment is immigration", said Martha Barcena.



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