The safest way to secure Google sign-ins: 2-step verification

Google app is getting dark mode in the beta channel

The development comes nearly more than a month after the internet giant made it easy for Google users to sign in to their accounts on their laptops or PCs using their Android smartphones as hardware security keys. Google is now taking it one step further by letting users use an Android smartphone as a physical two-factor authentication security key for signing in on iOS devices.

What just happened? If you happen to own both an iOS and Android device (perhaps you haven't been able to decide between the two), Google has some good news for you. "Now, you can get the strongest 2SV method with the convenience of an Android phone that's always in your pocket at no additional cost", says Google.

On desktops, the 2-step process works via Google Chrome communicating directly with your Android smartphone - for iOS, your Android phone connects to the Google Smart Lock app on your iPhone/iPad. "While Google automatically blocks the majority of unauthorized sign-in attempts, adding 2-Step Verification (2SV) considerably improves account security".

On both of your devices, make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

If iOS users need help in setting up their Android smartphones as a security key for iOS devices, Google has some instructions in this blog post.

Pick your Android smartphone from the list of available devices.

On your iPhone or iPad, sign in to your Google Account with your username and password using the Smart Lock app.

Check your Android smartphone, it'll receive a notification.

You'll be prompted to verify the sign in on your Android device.

Also, iPad owners with Android phones aren't that unusual. The company also recommends that you register a backup hardware-based security key and keep it in a safe place.



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