Jupiter Is Putting On a Show for You

Jupiter will be at its biggest and brightest this month. Credit PA

In a "skywatching tips" put up for June, NASA says Jupiter is "at its largest and brightest this month, rising at the mud and remaining seen all night".

Stargazers and sky watchers, here is something for you all to look forward to. This is because Jupiter will be at opposition, when it is opposite side of the Earth than the sun.

The very best time of the month to see Jupiter will be 10 June when the planet reaches "opposition".

"Although opposition takes place on a specific date, the entire month or so around opposition is an equally good time to observe the planet", NASA notes. That means Earth will be directly between Jupiter and the Sun.

Jupiter will be at its biggest and brightest this month. One can see Jupiter and three of its largest moons over the Wasatch Mountains.

Using a telescope or binoculars, Jupiter, along with its four largest moons - Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto - will be visible on June 10. Monday night in particular, about midnight local time, should provide the clearest view, reports USA Today.

Besides this, Jupiter is the giant planet from our Solar System and can be spotted with the naked eye, but it's better if you look for the marvelous planet with binoculars or a small telescope. With those, you should be able to see not only Jupiter but its four biggest moons.

The night of June 16 into June 17 will bring another good opportunity for people to spot Jupiter in the sky as it will appear next to the full moon.



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