Hannity: Trump Is Playing Media, Democrats 'Like A Flute' On Campaign Help

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In his report, special counsel Robert Mueller chronicled how Russian Federation intervened in the 2016 election to help elect Trump, whose campaign welcomed the assistance, even if no laws were broken. Trump's remarks suggested he still sees nothing wrong with a USA political candidate accepting help from a foreign power. "I think you might want to listen, there isn't anything wrong with listening".

Booker was responding to Trump's comments to ABC News that he would listen if a foreign adversary of the USA had damaging information about his 2020 opponent.

"I wonder if he knew exactly what he was doing, the exact way he was asked that question and the answer he gave because time after time, he knows the media bubble and fizz like Alka-Seltzer in water and he is playing them like a flute", Hannity said in Thursday's opening monologue.

Trump also referred to the Democrats' use of information compiled by Steele against him during the 2016 presidential election. Lindsey Graham of SC, one of the staunchest allies of the White House in Congress, called the president's assertions a "mistake".

Trump's comments, according to commentators and numerous members of Congress, added to the seemingly ever-growing list of reasons to begin impeachment proceedings and will likely increase pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who has refused to back impeachment hearings despite growing pressure from inside her caucus and the grassroots. I think you might want to listen. He accused Democrats of having accepted damaging information from foreign nationals on political opponents and said any public official contacted by a foreign government with an offer of help to their campaign should reject it and inform the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "It is never appropriate to allow a foreign government or its agents to interfere in our election process".

'I heard she made that statement, ' Trump said in regards to her remarks earlier this week. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tweeted that Trump is giving Russian Federation a "green light" to attack our election again. "If bad, I'll call the FBI", Hannity said. Mueller, whose investigation examined a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that Trump's campaign had with Russians promising dirt on Clinton, did not charge Trump campaign staff who attended the meeting. The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee expressed alarm at Trump's comments.

"Trump just blew way past 'no collusion, ' he's broadcasting his willingness to receive help from a hostile foreign power in 2020", Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) tweeted Wednesday. "It's time to impeach Donald Trump", Warren said.



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