Uber has a solution for chatty drivers

Read your paper in peace

The new feature is reportedly the first upgrade for Uber's upmarket services in several years.

Uber is bringing one of its users' most-requested features to Uber Black rides: "Quiet Mode".

After they enter their destination, there will be an option for "Ride Preferences" on the screen. The preferences can not be selected as a driver is on the way to pick them up or if a ride is in progress.

Uber customers residing in the U.S. will now be able to set rider preferences like "conversation", "temperature" settings and "baggage".

'If you're in the mood to chat, that's an option too'. Beginning today in the US, riders will be able to select "Quiet preferred" or "happy to chat" in the app, or just leave the setting at "No preference", so the driver will get a heads-up before he or she picks you up.

With 'Extended Pickup Period, ' riders can also elect to have their drivers wait a bit longer before they cancel the ride.

You're paying a premium for these services, though - an UberBLACK ride will cost around $7 up front (roughly £5 / AU$10), while Uber SUV doubles that, not including the fee per minute, which scales up with more luxury riding options.

Already, those that request to be picked up by an Uber Black vehicle benefit from being escorted by a professional driver - with a commercial license - using a high-end black auto (or SUV). When you request an Uber Black or Black SUV, you will now be able to access premium phone support with live agents in case you need something else.

More region and rollout specifications of the feature remain unclear as of now.

Uber Black rides are typically 100 percent more expensive than Uber X, the company's low-priced option, and 200 percent more expensive than Uber Pool, its carpool option, according to the Verge.

"But really, why do we not have Lyft/Uber quiet mode yet. That's why we've improved features and requirements to meet or exceed their expectations on every ride", the press statement explains.

"Quiet preferred." That's one way to tell your Uber driver to STFU, politely.

But most of the noise so far has been made about a few new toggles riders can switch on to let drivers know what they want from their driver.

The features will go live in Columbia and SC on Thursday and will roll out across the United States within few days.

The pilot program will start with the University of SC, while other universities can get themselves enrolled.

The company is planning to launch a new tool for universities to provide service for students at odd hours when other options are limited.



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