Rare 'blue flower moon' to appear on Saturday

This is a full moon. A blue moon looks like a full moon. That's it.                  NASA  Kim Shiflett

Now full moons themselves occur every month.

For much of Saturday night, it will appear as a normal full moon. In most seasons, there are just three full moons.

NASA said: "A blue moon is special because it is the "extra" Moon in a season with four full moons". The association of the full Moon from January was made with the howling wolves that were heard long ago on the winter Moons. That also makes Saturday's full moon a blue moon.

Not happening this month, and yet 18 May brings a Blue Moon according to rules drawn up by an Almanac editor almost a 100 yrs ago. The most common is the second full moon within a calendar month.

Another seasonal blue moon won't occur until two years from now, on August 22, 2021. The next seasonal blue moon won't come until August of 2021.

The vernal equinox (which represents the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere) fell on March 20 this year. This gives 11 months with 1 full moon each and 1 with 2.

April and June are "pink moon" and "strawberry moon" respectively.

What is a Flower Moon? And so on and so forth.

Other names for May's full moon phase are Corn Planting Moon, Mother's Moon, and Milk Moon, the last of which comes from the Old English "Rimilcemona", which means Month of Three Milkings, when cows were milked three times a day.

This weekend's full moon won't shine with a blueish tint.

"In very rare circumstances, the Moon can appear blue, but in this case it is a colour added to the Moon by viewing it through a haze of dust particles in our atmosphere, perhaps from a recent volcanic eruption". So if we think about the name given, it has nothing to do with the space or the coloration of the Moon.

If you like you can meditate with this Blue Moon. It happens at the same moment for all of us worldwide, yet the time on our clocks vary by time zone. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far away from the Earth to completely cover the Sun.



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