Plastic waste among new discoveries made during record breaking Marana Trench dive

Victor Vescovo spent four hours exploring the bottom of the trench

Vescovo's expedition into the Mariana Trench also marks his fourth ocean bottom visit, with a fifth to go - the Molly Deep in the Arctic Ocean, the shallowest of the five at a mere 5,669 metres.

Victor Vescovo of Five Deeps Expedition became the first human to make multiple solo dives to its hadal depths in the DSV Limiting Factor, the world's deepest diving submarine.

In an editorial for The i newspaper, Attenborough wrote, "I have seen for myself the effects of plastic pollution on some of our planet's most precious species and natural places-an unfolding catastrophe that has been overlooked for too long".

Vescovo, the Dallas-based co-founder of private equity fund Insight Equity Holdings, found the man made material on the ocean floor and is trying to confirm that it is plastic, a spokeswoman for Vescovo's Five Deeps Expedition said.

Once he's conquered the mountains and oceans, Vescovo says his next challenge is space.

Victor Vescovo piloting his submersible sub, the Limiting Factor.

After spending hours crisscrossing the bottom of the Challenger Deep, collecting video evidence of different wildlife, geological formations and man-made objects, Vescovo stopped for a second. "It was very disappointing to see obvious human contamination of the deepest point in the ocean", Vescovo said.

"It is nearly indescribable how excited all of us are about achieving what we just did", Mr Vescovo told BBC News.

Down there he found wonderful sea creatures, but also found a plastic bag and sweet wrappers. On board the DSSV Pressure Drop for this historic accomplishment was legendary American oceanographer, explorer and marine policy specialist, Dr Don Walsh, a retired US Navy Captain, who made the first successful decent into the Mariana Trench in 1960.

Aside from gathering biological samples like rocks and sand from the bottom of the ocean, Vescovo's mission seeks to conduct sonar mapping in the unknown areas of the deep sea.

Among the discoveries made aboard the The Limiting Factor - the world's first titanium-hulled, two-person submersible to dive this far - were giant prawn-like amphipods and bottom-feeding sea cucumbers.

"Our team had to pioneer new camera systems that could be mounted on the submersible, operate at up to 10,000m below sea level and work with robotic landers with camera systems that would allow us to film Victor's submersible on the bottom of the ocean".

The worldwide Five Deeps expedition has successfully completed the deepest submarine dive in history.



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