Madonna's Eurovision Song Contest 2019 performance in doubt

Singer Madonna speaks to guests after receiving the Advocate for Change award



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Dauntless Release Date Announced For PS4
Dauntless , the free-to-play Monster Hunter-like action RPG from Phoenix Labs , has gotten an official release date. This includes the new Mastery System that which provides a mastery card for each unique weapon and behemoth.

Huawei Pledges to Sign a "No Spy" Agreement With the Government
Liang, however, said economic factors should be part of the decision, and politics should be taken out of it. A decision will be made soon in the case for Huawei supplying telecom equipment in the UK.

Update right now! A vulnerability in WhatsApp lets attackers silently install spyware
NSO would not, or could not, use its technology in its own right to target any person or organisation, including this individual. So if you see an update is available for WhatsApp, it is highly recommended that you install it on all of your devices.

Viral Video captures police shooting of Black woman who yells she’s pregnant
Steve Dorris , as the officer was trying to handcuff the woman, she managed to get control of his taser and tase him with it. A police officer in Texas has allegedly shot and killed a woman who may have reached for his taser during an altercation.

Apple Releases New TV App
Apple has released the latest updates to its different operating systems including for Apple TV and the Apple Watches. Started content will also show up under Up Next under the Watch Now tab in the TV app.

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