John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Movie Review

John Wick 3: Excellent fighting scenes with dash of Indonesian culture

And let's face it, the fighting and action are why so many are drawn to the John Wick franchise. My audience audibly cheered and cringed together as Wick battles his way through some truly gruesome and wonderful sequences of, kicking, punching, shooting, stabbing, book beating and doing any other thing possible in order to survive. Laurence Fishburne also returns as the Bowery King and Anjelica Huston pops up as The Director. If you recall, John had killed a member of the High Table inside the Continental Hotel, an unforgivable break in the treasured rules. First and foremost, it delivers on the action scenes.

While Wick hunts down the Elder - with the assistance of fellow assassin and dog lover Sofia (Halle Berry) - the Adjudicator hires Zero (Mark Dacascos) to go after Wick with his own team, setting up a dramatic confrontation that - presumably - will bring the conflict to a close, or at least set up a lot of fight scenes.

The John Wick movies have developed a well-deserved reputation as some of the best pure action flicks being made today, and Stahleski - a former stuntman - implied that if audiences are waiting for the high-octane series to start running out of gas, they're going to be waiting a long time. It's one of three new movie releases. There's a musicality and wit to the action that only the Mission: Impossible series can equal. John Wick is an easy character to get behind. Indeed, Reeves feels inseparable from the role - his naturally loose charm a flawless counter to John Wick's outrageous violence. He exudes benignity, even when playing a brutal killer, and it's as believable that a man like him would cuddle with a cute puppy as it is that he would murder other people for hire or out of vengeance.

"A Dog's Journey" is the sequel to "A Dog's objective". The fact that Reeves' original mission still feels like the drive behind the plot into the third movie works to the series' advantage. This, too, was probably inevitable.

The battered and bruised Wick - Reeves not so much easing back into the role as suspended in a survivalist trance - is on the run through a rain-soaked, neon-lit NY, a $14 million open contract on his head and his trusty ash-grey Staffordshire terrier barrelling along by his side. Unfortunately, Common, who stole the show in John Wick: Chapter 2, told us previous year that he will be sitting this one out. Yes, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is still out here killing fools with all sorts of interesting inanimate objects-plus the occasional horse-but we also learn a good deal more about the governing council of killers known as The High Table. See, even an underworld crime syndicate promotes from within. Precision, energy, and innovation move the components of John Wick, but the synergy that comes from their singular motion transcends mechanistic clockwork into vital, aesthetic flow. John Boorman's 1967 masterpiece Point Blank, to which the John Wick canon could be generously compared, starred Lee Marvin as an outraged hoodlum swindled out of his share of a heist who goes around kicking and shooting everyone till he gets his money back. It is an entertaining diversion, but little more than that.



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