Epic Mega Sale now live on the Epic Games Store

Fortnite Loading Screen

The Epic Games store is a bit of a controversy within the PC gaming world.

As a bonus, for every game purchase over $14.99/£13.99 Epic Games is providing an additional $10/£10 off to players at no cost to the publisher or developer. The store's first Epic Mega Sale is quite attractive and discounts key games by up to 75% off while also knocking off a clean $10 from any game over $15. So if you want to pre-order Borderlands 3, for example, even though publisher 2K obviously hasn't discounted that title, you get 20% off courtesy of Epic.

If you pre-ordered a game that's still not out yet, Epic is still giving you a $10 refund, as long as the price was $14.99 or higher. The download speeds are good, and the store and game pages are fully localized, even if the games don't support Simplified Chinese.

The best thing about the Epic Mega Sale is how it impacts developers. It's now being offered for $8.09 on the SA store (still in USD), which is a discount of less than a single Dollar.

No, the promotional offer only applies to qualifying game purchases from the Epic Games store. We apologize for any confusion this caused and hope customers who got the deal enjoy the game.

The game's retail price is now $24.99, up from $19.99 at launch, based on continued improvements and additions we've made so far in Early Access, including: "an entire new biome, 7 new fully voiced characters including 4 new bosses, hundreds of new fully voiced narrative events, 10 new enemy types, a new weapon, and dozens of new powers and abilities".

Outside of grabbing exclusives and offering free games, Epic's latest tact to get gamers to buy from its store is a familiar one: a massive Steam-esque sale.

It's a busy day over on the Epic Games Store. Up to this point, they've released a freebie once every two weeks but during the sale, you'll get a new game to try out each and every week. This will be automatically calculated and displayed for you.



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