A Much Rumoured John Wick Fortnite Crossover Event Has Been Officially Announced

Fortnite Battle Royale Tactical Assault Rifle dropping soon By Amanda Zelauskas

Thanks to some dataminers, this Fortnite John Wick event might actually be coming sooner than anybody expected. This isn't just recycled stuff from the Hired Gun set (the previous Fortnite cosmetics inspired by John Wick), this is all new, and all yours for just a few V-Bucks. The top three Bounty Leaders with the most coins are displayed on a HUD scoreboard. You can earn some special rewards too, such as "Gold Token Back Bling, One Shot Glider, Boogeyman Wrap, and bonus XP". Epic has added the John Wick set to the store, which includes the John Wick outfit and the Simple Sledge Pickaxe. Following the v9.01 patch, it looks like John Wick will be taking some time out from his normal day to shoot Gundam chickens and fast food mascots.

The new LTM is called Wick's Bounty, and the goal of the game mode is to stay alive long enough, while you collect gold tokens - much like the gold coin used in the John Wick franchise - by eliminating bounty hunters within the game. Early in the match they'll have icons over their heads, then they'll show up on the compass when moving or shooting nearby, and when they reach 600 coins they will show up on the map and compass regardless of distance, as well as glowing.

John Wick is bringing his brand of action to gaming in more ways than one.

Coin leaders can be seen by everyone on map/compass when they are moving or shooting.

Once a player crosses the last point threshold, they will remain on the map and have the alt Wick skin for the rest of the match, even if they lose the point lead.



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