The EU has finally adopted the Copyright Directive

European Council gives final thumbs up to controversial

Furthermore, since April 1st 2018, Europeans who buy or subscribe to films, sports broadcasts, music, e-books and games in their home Member State are able to access this content when they travel or stay temporarily in another EU country.

Member States will have two years to adopt the Directive into their legislation.

"With the controversial debates over the provisions in the DSM Copyright Directive still fresh in the memory, we can assume that the forthcoming implementation process will be accompanied by further discussions as to how exactly the Directive should be transposed at national level", Rauer said. The UK, Germany and France were among the countries that voted in favour of the reforms.

European Union sources say that Italy, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Poland voted against the directive, and Belgium, Estonia and Slovenia have abstained.

Critics of the legislation remain adamant that Article 17 (formerly Article 13) which puts the onus on websites to ensure that content uploaded by users has permission from rights holders, will result in upload filters and censorship. For example, Germany said that it must be the aim to render so-called "upload filters" largely unnecessary in practice. Two aspects of the reforms attracted particular scrutiny and comment.

Under the new rules, Google and other online platforms will have to sign licensing agreements with musicians, performers, authors, news publishers and journalists to use their work.

Various other reforms are also included in the text, including a new right for newspaper publishers and new exceptions to allow text and data mining.

In the agreed text of article 15, the reproduction of more than single words or very short extracts of a news story would require a licence.



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