Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0 update detailed, Joker DLC out today

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0 update detailed, Joker DLC out today

Update: It now seems this will be coming out overnight.

The lengthy video posted above should show you everything there is to know about Smash Ultimate's April 17th delivery of extra content. Hurrah for time zones! It features a Joker route in Classic Mode and a Joker version of the Spirit Board. Once the Rebellion Gauge is full it summons a manifestation of his persona, Arsene, who will assist all of Joker's attacks while the gauge drains. Eigaon is the side special, which again continues to damage enemies over time, while the down special is now one of two counter attacks. Ultimate rather than just sticking to paid content.

The Persona 5 themed stage is Mementos, the mysterious underground zone. There's moving platforms, trains running in the background, and Phantom Thieves that will turn up to cheer the battle along.

Challenger Pack 1: Joker containing Joker, the Mementos stage and Persona series music can be purchased for £5.39, but players can also purchase the Fighters Pass for a suggested retail price of £22.49, giving them access to Joker and the other upcoming four sets as they release. They appeared at approximately 8 p.m. EDT and we can infer the same will happen with Joker and version 3.0. The following outfits can be bought separately or as a whole in a bundle - Morgana Hat from Persona 5, Persona 4 Protagonist (Swordfighter), Teddie Hat (from Persona 4), Persona 3 Protagonist (Swordfighter), Tails (Gunner) from Sonic the Hedgehog, and Knuckles (Brawler) from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Finally, a new icon is available for DLC Spirits, where they are endlessly re-challengeable. And it's all free with update 3.0.0, which should be live shortly if it's not already.

You can make objects move, spin, and twist on stages, you can draw your own shapes, and you can add unique obstacles and items to stages. Players can build in either handheld mode or via TV Mode, and there will be "new stage elements" for players to choose from. Stages will be featured in a different tab on the Stage Select screen. Ultimate including the previously-rumored Stage Builder, a Video Editor feature, a Shared Content section where players can share and download custom content from other players, and a new feature for the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app called Smash World where players can browse through custom content and more.

The update is also adding a video editor that lets you edit any Super Smash Bros. If you wish to keep them, you'll have to convert to video via Vault Replays Replay Data Convert to Video before updating the game. Created stages can be shared online through the Smash World service, a new addition to the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app.



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