Sanders Campaign Launches 'Emergency' Fundraiser to Combat NYT Report

Bernie Sanders speaking to a crowd at James Madison Park on the shores of Lake Mendota in Madison Wisconsin. Friday April 12

Since his first bid, Sanders and his wife - from 2016-2018 - made a total of more than $2.79 million.

That squares with a financial disclosure report that Sanders filed a year ago as a senator, which showed that he earned US$880,000 in royalties from book deals.

Senator Kamala Harris yesterday released 15 years of tax returns, which showed that she and her husband earned about US$1.9 million in adjusted gross income in 2018.

Immediately before the town hall event, Sanders released a decade's worth of his tax returns after years of resisting disclosure.

He has previously released his 2014 tax return and published it on his website, which included a full list of itemized deductions.

How, some Democrats are beginning to ask, do they thwart a 70-something candidate from outside the party structure who is immune to intimidation or incentive and wields support from an unwavering base, without simply reinforcing his "the establishment is out to get me" message - the same grievance Mr. Trump used to great effect?

During a Fox News Channel town hall on Monday, Sanders said that he'd increased his income by publishing a book - he's written two with campaign themes - and that he wouldn't apologize for that. "Please do the same". Bernie Sanders and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg each raised $90,000.

If implemented, Medicare for All would hand the federal government a monopoly over the health care industry and cost USA taxpayers an estimated $32 trillion during the first 10 years. According to the liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute, families in the USA earning $421,926 or more a year are part of this group. "While millions of people are paying more in taxes than they anticipated, Amazon, Netflix and dozens of major corporations as a result of Trump's tax bill pay nothing in corporate taxes, and I think that's a disgrace", he added. By 2018, his wife, 69, was also taking Social Security, providing the couple with almost $52,000 for the year.

Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I-VT) presidential campaign has responded to a recent New York Times report suggesting that some establishment Democrats have banded together to thwart his efforts. His higher income in two of the three most recent years could potentially prompt questions from voters about his frequent criticisms of the influence that millionaires and billionaires have over the political process.

"I think we'll see every serious candidate on the Democratic side of the ledger release their tax returns".

Sanders and his wife disclosed $36,300 in charitable contributions in 2017, but their return does not detail each individual contribution.

Later in the segment, Burnett called Sanders a "hypocrite" for "not donating money to the IRS", and McIntosh again defended Sanders against the charge, but criticized him for his attack on the liberal blog ThinkProgress.

Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., have all released their returns. Sen.

Sanders had refused to release his tax returns throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, and had taken heavy incoming fire from allies of his Democratic rivals this year for not putting out his returns.

Warren, who has also already released her 2018 tax returns, made public 10 years of tax information last year.



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