Instagram demotes inappropriate content on its platform

Instagram resets algorithms to stop the spread of harmful content

Do note that inappropriate posts will not be fully eliminated from the Instagram feed. According to Instagram, they are working to decrease spread of posts that are inappropriate, and get demoted post like that are sexually suggestive, but don't illustrate nudity or sex act. But, Facebook's Henry Silverman explained, "As content gets closer and closer to the line of our Community Standards at which point we'd remove it, it actually gets more and more engagement".

Instagram is training their content moderators to make them understand and label borderline content when they're looking for posts which violate the company's policy, and it will then use these labels to train an algorithm to identify, the report said. As these inappropriate topics are rather broad in nature, they often fall beyond the Instagram Community Guidelines, and are prevented from getting blocked or removed from the social app.

"We have begun reducing the spread of posts that are inappropriate but do not go against Instagram's Community Guidelines, limiting those types of posts from being recommended on our Explore and hashtag pages", Guy Rosen, Vice President of Integrity and Tessa Lyons, Head of News Feed Integrity, Facebook, wrote in a blog-post on Wednesday. Such content will be visible to the user, if they follow the account associated with it, but it may not appear for others through the Explore tab or hashtag pages. He said the company also takes past behavior into account when determining which accounts should be barred from recommendations. Facebook already has the Verified account feature, and it is now trickling down to Messenger as well.

Examples of demoted content. Slide by Instagram and via TechCrunch
Examples of demoted content. Slide by Instagram and via TechCrunch

Instagram is halting its practice of recommending content that skirts the boundaries of its own guidelines - amid accusations that the image sharing platform has been complicit in exposing children to harmful content via its Explore section.

The changes to Instagram come amid a host of other updates to how Facebook approaches "problematic content", a term that covers harassment, fake news, and clickbait across all its services.



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