Barr returns to Capitol Hill, where he'll face more Mueller questions

15 2019 William Barr then US Attorney General nominee testifies during a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.- Two weeks after he cleared President Donald Trump

Most of the questioning concerned demands for Barr to give lawmakers special counsel Robert Mueller's full Russian Federation report and the evidence behind it.

Barr bluntly defended his dealing with the report and said portions must remain hidden to comply with the law. He said he could be open to eventually releasing some of the redacted material after consulting with congressional leaders, but maintained he had no plans to seek a judge's approval to disclose grand jury material.

Attorney General Bill Barr insisted that if the administration's position on healthcare was so "outrageous" then Democrats shouldn't worry about it prevailing in court.

Barr is appearing before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee one day after he testified before a House subcommittee and answered many - though not all - questions from lawmakers about the release of Mueller's almost 400 page report. He said of Barr: "He has been unresponsive to our requests".

The committee scheduled the hearing to question Barr over the Department of Justice budget for 2020.

This issue is likely to get more attention Wednesday when Barr appears for his second day of testimony before Congress this week, this time before a Republican-led panel in the Senate.

His appearance came as President Putin made his first public comments on the...

The hunters are about to become the hunted, and no amount of sympathy from Democratic politicians and media talking heads will save them from the wrath of the American people they've been lying to for the past two and half years.

William Barr, 68, appeared on Capitol Hill yesterday to talk about budget matters but faced complaints about his letter of March 24 in which he said that the special counsel Robert Mueller had cleared the Trump presidential campaign of conspiring with Russian Federation, and that there was evidence both for and against obstruction of justice.

Barr said "the letter speaks for itself" and revealed that he gave Mueller an opportunity to review the letter but the special counsel declined.

Democrats have criticized Barr for not releasing Mueller's report in full since it was finished on Friday, March 22. Barr promised that the report would be ready "within a week", but spoke about it in tones meant to imply that it was of no more general interest than, say, a USDA report on fertilizer levels. Even Attorney General William Barr's swiss-cheese release of Mueller's findings won't be as glowing as Trump gloated about publicly because you can't add the word "exonerated" where it doesn't exist.

Barr would not discuss the substance of Mueller's findings but did explain his process for receiving and reviewing the report.

Democrats also pressed Barr about redactions related to grand jury proceedings. "So numerous questions here today have gone toward a grassy knoll conspiracy theory", Aderholt said.

Barr also wrote his "goal and intent is to release as much of the Special Counsel's report as I can consistent with applicable law, regulations, and Departmental policies". Mr Barr said he and deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein decided that the evidence was insufficient to establish obstruction. At one point in the House hearing, he tried to cut off any more questions on the subject.

"I personally believe not all of it is going to be great for the White House", Burr said.

The chairman of the Ways and Means subcommittee, Democratic Rep. Jose Serrano of NY, told Barr there were "serious concerns about the process by which you formulated your letter; and uncertainty about when we can expect to see the full report".



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