Rebellion unveils Sniper Elite 5, Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

Two Sniper Elite Games Coming To Nintendo Switch

Rebellion says in a press release: "More details on the development of the upcoming mainline Sniper Elite game will be released in 2020" - so it seems that the game is still a fair way off.

Of course, there's the big one: Sniper Elite 5. It includes all the DLCs as well as having a new Switch-exclusive local multiplayer.

For more juicy Sniper Elite information, be sure to check back with us as the year goes on, and check out the two trailers down below, as well as Sniper Elite V2 remastered screenshots. As you might've expected, that's involving Sniper Elite. So it's more than just an HD retexture basically. In addition, this version supports the Switch's motion controls. Not a name, premise or setting. The ideal perch upon which to scope out the environment, an unlucky Nazi who wanders into your crosshairs and a gentle squeeze of the trigger usually results in a series trademark of seeing various bits of bone and meat gruesomely shatter outwards in a slow motion display of violence. Another of the studios' famous IP's is the Sniper Elite series, of which Rebellion is working on four new projects, one that just so happens to be in VR. The games put players in a what-if scenario of actual world history. Are you excited to experience the franchise on Switch for the first time?

For those who want to snag a picture of their kills (pretty morbid, but okay), the photo mode allows you to pause and scrub through the kill frame-by-frame to get exactly the right moment, line up the shot with flawless positioning, apply a filter, adjust the lighting, and snap for a nice battlefield memento. Though the kill was pretty fishy since Hitler had two balls there, maybe a body double? We haven't seen a trailer or any gameplay for it yet, but if you own a VR device this will be a game to watch.



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