Over 350K Apex Legends cheaters banned, Respawn working on PC crashes

Apex Legends is not releasing its Battle Pass today March 12

Apex Legends players are chomping at the bit to see what Respawn has in store for the game's Season 1 Battle Pass.

Respawn's new battle royale has taken the world by storm since its release, and it looks as though they will be adding more features in the near future (maybe even as early as Apex Legends update 1.05), as per an exclusive recent leak.

Given that cheats and anti-cheats are an endless arms race where any information could lead to breakthroughs, Respawn are secretive about what exactly they plan to do. "Cheaters are crafty and we don't want them to see us coming", Respawn community manager Jay Frech wrote on reddit.

With its free-to-play business model and meteoric ascent to 50 million players, it's no surprise that hackers and cheaters have made Apex Legends a target.

Aside from that, the anti-cheat team is going to be scaled up and have more dedicated resources.

We are reaching out and working directly with experts, both within and outside of EA, in this area that we can learn from. They could be utilized for different game modes, or they could be there just to act as encouragement or as a hindrance to players. "We are very aware of the cases of players spamming during character select and the drop and then disconnecting shortly after".

"We're keeping a lot of our strategy close to the chest so offenders don't have time to build workarounds before we implement changes", Frechette said. There will also be skins, though it's unclear how many or how they will be obtained. AMD will be visiting the studio next week to help improve the game's performance and stability, much like Nvidia recently did.

While Respawn is working on all these issues and more, one issue it isn't working on at the moment is a reconnect to match feature.

It appears this latest update from Respawn is related only to PC; given the closed nature of consoles, cheating by way of third-party software is generally less common on console than PC, though cheating does still happen on PS4 and Xbox One.



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