NASA Says First Person On Mars Likely a Woman

NASA spotted hopping liquid water on Moon’s surface

Nasa administrator - Jim Bridenstine - was a guest on a U.S. science and technology radio show Science Friday, when he made the comment. First, they'd like for a woman to take a step onto the Moon.

NASA's massive new rocket won't be ready for a moon shot next year, the space agency's top official told Congress on Wednesday.

The first all-women spacewalk will be happening March 29 as part of National Women's Month, Bridenstine said in the interview.

Anne McCain and Christina Koch will jet off to the International Space Station (ISS) in two days.

"We have awesome capability that exists right now that we can use off the shelf in order to accomplish this objective", Bridenstine said.

"For the first time in over 10 years, we have money in this budget for a return to the moon with humans", Bridenstine said in a presentation at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. "So between now and June of 2020, we would have to make that a reality", Bridenstine said.

It is the first time that NASA has clearly acknowledged the extent of the problems with the SLS, which according to an inspector general's report last August has so far cost the space agency more than $12 billion to develop.

NASA's Stephanie Schierholz told 'It really is the luck of the draw. Now, women make up 34% of active astronauts at NASA.

Amanda Hendrix, a Planetary Science Institute senior scientist and lead author of the paper, said in the press release said, "These results aid in understanding the lunar water cycle and will ultimately help us learn about the accessibility of water that can be used by humans in future missions to the moon".

A new $21 billion 2020 budget marks almost a six per cent increase from last year's.

However, the water observed by the LAMP instrument does not decrease when the Moon is shielded by the Earth and the region influenced by its magnetic field, suggesting water builds up over time, rather than "raining" down directly from the solar wind.

Forget everything you've learned about men and Mars.

The plan, which has been in development over the last few years, relies on the developing Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft, along with the Gateway orbital platform.

This first mission coming up - essentially a three-week test flight - would carry no crew and would not land.

Construction on Gateway - an orbiting lunar outpost - is expected to begin construction as soon as 2022.



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