NASA Opportunity's Last Image: Beautiful Panorama Reveals Mars Rover's Final Resting Place

NASA           Opportunity's Last Panorama

NASA's Mars Opportunity rover is dead, having been swallowed up and spat out by a colossal dust storm on the planet past year.

If you're curious why certain parts of the panorama remain in black and white, it's because the Rover was knocked out by the massive dust storm before it was able to capture those areas with all three color filters it typically used when shooting pics.

Taken over the course of 29 days, the 360-degree panorama shows what would become Opportunity's final resting spot in Perseverance Valley.

NASA's Opportunity Rover took one last stunning image of Mars's landscape, before losing touch with them after 15 years last month.

"This final panorama embodies what made our Opportunity rover such a remarkable mission of exploration and discovery", John Callas of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement describing the image. This magnificent panorama befits its excellent run as a source of data about the red planet. In the immediate foreground just left of center you can see a rocky outcrop that the vehicle had been investigating using its robotic arm in its final days. Just to the left of that, rover tracks begin their descent from over the horizon and weave their way down to geologic features that our scientists wanted to examine up close. The 360-degree photo is composed of 354 images overall, taken by the rover's Panoramic Camera (Pancam) from May 13th through June 10th.

A dust storm blanketed its location in June past year. It shows a number of interesting features of Perseverance Valley, in addition to the pristine, unexplored floor of Endurance Crater.

Although the panorama provides one last look of Opportunity's resting grounds, the rover's very last image tells a slightly bleaker tale.

The trailblazing rover missions may be over but NASA said Opportunity's legacy "will live on".

The US space agency has now shared the rover's "parting shot", cementing Opportunity's achievements in the history of Mars exploration.

NASA's Opportunity rover defied all odds by outliving its mission beyond the wildest expectations.

Opportunity's mission launched on July 7, 2003, and landed on the Red Planet on January 24, 2004.



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