Huawei Has an Android Alternative, But It Doesn't Want to Use It

Ren Zhengfei founder and CEO of HuaweiAP

Still, given the state of the US-Huawei relationship, this contingency plan could be significant.

Huawei has revealed a plan B in case the trade war between China and the West means it is no longer allowed to use the Android operaing system. The same punishment was handed out to ZTE a year ago over sanctions violations.

In the US, Huawei would have zero chance without the Android OS. While the clampdown on Huawei products is yet to evolve into a complete ban on using its products for all United States citizens, Huawei had apparently been busy developing its own operating systems as a contingency plan - something which has now been confirmed by none other than the company's CEO of Consumer Business Group. Either way, any type of ban is bad for business. That Huawei may face a similar ban is not out of the realm of possibility.

While Huawei uses its own Kirin processors in most of its phones, a ban on American products would have big repercussions for its laptop line, which, in addition to using Windows, relies on processors from Intel. "We fully support our partners' operating systems - we love using them and our customers love using them".

"Huawei does have backup systems but only for use in extenuating circumstances".

According to the South China Morning Post, the China-based company has been working on an Android alternative since 2012 - right about the time when the USA started investigating ZTE and Huawei.

For its part, Huawei says it hopes to avoid this worst-case scenario.

The Chinese firm in an interview with Die Welt has confirmed that it has a ready homegrown OS and could be reverting to that if the legal battle with U.S. authorities leads to a total ban on the export of US-made products and services like Android and Windows. nearly suffered a similar fate, but for the last minute agreement, it had with the commerce department.



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