Google Pixel 3 owners get huge Android boost as major upgrade revealed

Google Releases Android Q Beta for Developers, Early Adopters

While this release is available for any user with a Pixel device, it is meant for developers to test compatibility issues and iron out bugs in the new operating system.

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With Android Q, you have a few seconds after an app has been removed to undo the change.

There are also camera tweaks, notably for enabling more messing around with depth-of-field control, as well as new audio and video codecs and improved APIs for graphics and neural network performance.

Google Releases Android Q Beta for Developers, Early Adopters
Android Q beta is now available for Pixel devices

So far there's no mention of any other handsets in the list, but we suspect that will change by the time Google I/O comes around and the company launches it officially. Right now, users can either grant or deny location access to an app which leads to many apps silently tracking the location of their users in the background. Google says that apps can either use their own sandbox to store data or in "common collections". Rather than bounce users between a smart speaker app and the settings menu, the pop-up would provide direct access to the setting an app require changes or permissions to, all while remaining within the app's interface.

Even though the original Pixel-series devices released in 2016 came with no promise of Android Q, Google is still supporting them with this latest version of the firmware, though this is nearly certainly the past year it's doing so. However, I must wonder what delicious dessert will Android Q be named after? Yeah, screen recording isn't enabled by default but Android Q allows you to record your screen simply by flipping the switch on a feature flag in the developer options setting page. Just as Android 9 Pie came with different kinds of display notch designs, the Android Q has been created to better manage the contents on devices with foldable screens.

The more traditional way to get the Android Q developer preview is to go the system image/manual flashing route.

Something to look forward to: Google has finally released the Android Q beta with a big focus on privacy. A desktop mode, allowing Android apps to run in a windowed format similar to a PC or Mac, was also present. All you have to do is head over to this link to sign up for the beta program, or download the appropriate Android Q version manually at this link. Be warned: this is unstable beta software.



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