Google Lookout describes environment to visually impaired customers utilizing AI

Google's Lookout app says what it sees for blind users in the US

It also functions in the same way as Lens - receiving information and providing feedback based on what is captured on the device's rear camera. Google says that it has been working on the app since it was unveiled past year. Now, months later, the app has been rolled out for Pixel phone users in the US.

Users will have three modes to select from - Explore, Shopping, and Quick Read. We're guessing it will all depend on how the app is received by Pixel 1, 2, and 3 users, whose feedback is specifically requested. If Google Lens can identify a dog's breed from a photo, there's nothing stopping it from using the same tech to help visually-impaired people, and that's where Lookout comes in. Now it seems that the app is finally available on the Google Play Store. The company says it's hoping to make the application more accessible, so it could eventually make its way to to more devices, countries and platforms in the future. The company states the app had been created to help people who are blind or partially blind or somewhat visually impaired, wherein pointing the phone's camera can make them understand about a new space for the first time or can allow them to read text and documents by giving spoken words feedback.

Google advises users to hold or wear the device (hanging a Pixel phone from a lanyard around the neck or placing it in a front shirt pocket), for easy Lookout access. The app is well done from the start: when you launch it, it starts by asking you which mode you want to use, so as not to cumber you with navigating menus. In February, the tech giant launched two new apps for Android, Sound Amplifier and Live Transcribe, which are created to "make life a little easier" for those with hearing loss.

Live Transcribe, like its namesake, uses a phone's microphone to automatically transcribe real-world speech into captions in real-time.

The app has been made available exclusively for Google's Pixel users in the United States by Google.



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