'25 Million Nigerians Living With Chronic Kidney Disease'

World Kidney Day 2019 Five Tips To Take Care Of The Important Organ

Distribution of educational material to create awareness among the masses about kidney ailments was also carried out.

NSAIDs are used to treat a host of conditions like fever, different kinds of pain (indomethacin, brufen, naproxen, etc), but they can also reduce the amount of blood flow to the kidneys.

The symposium aims at enhancing the knowledge on the nutritional management of chronic kidney disease, kidney transplantation, chronic respiratory diseases and association between nutrition and immunity among post graduate students studying food science and nutrition and practicing dieticians from various hospitals in Mysuru.

Another preventable cause, particularly in an Indian context, is renal tract stone disease.

THE Ministry of Health and Child Care has plans to increase dialysis machines in Zimbabwe to assist patients with kidney diseases.

A kidney patient who gave her name as Pat, said she has been suffering from the disease for 10 years, adding that, she has been getting support from her husband and family members. From removing waste and excess fluids as urine by filtering the blood to keeping a check on the body's salt, potassium, and acid levels, these 150-170 gram-organs perform these life-sustaining tasks and more for the body. High blood pressure is especially likely to cause kidney damage when associated with other factors like diabetes, high cholesterol and various cardiovascular diseases. According to the experts, the main symptoms and features of kidney diseases include swollen face and feet, tiredness, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, blood in urine, frothy urine, vomiting, difficulty in breathing etc.

Your body can still work quite well with only one kidney, so long as that kidney is healthy.

After 140/90 and above, you should discuss the risks with your doctor and monitor your blood pressure level often.

As 26 people die while waiting for a kidney transplant, WKD is meant to raise awareness about the conditions of the kidney.

Ominisan said: "I am happy that I got screened today because I have been waiting to go to the hospital for checkup, but there is no money and I know many people here are like that". According to a USA medical report, she said, 44% people with diabetes were found facing kidney related problems whereas 29% of the patients of high blood pressure share this condition. Most people in the early stages neither report any symptoms nor realise that anything is wrong with their kidneys. Of all the CKD patients worldwide, approximately 2.4 million cases end up fatal per year.

Poorly functioning kidneys can result in electrolyte imbalances.

Explaining the cardinal measures for prevention of kidney diseases they advised for low intake of salt and oily foods, staying hydrated, eating more fruits and vegetables, staying physically active, regular checkup with doctors, no consumption of alcohol and tobacco, maintaining ideal weight, controlling sugar levels for diabetic patients, controlling high blood pressure in hypertensive patients and compliance with medications as directed by the physician.

He said there was need to make the screening for kidney diseases a primary healthcare intervention.



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