Trump's Bogus El Paso Claim

EL PASO TX- FEBRUARY 11 Former candidate for U.S. Senate Beto O'Rourke speaks to thousands of people gathered to protest a U.S./Mexico border wall being pushed by President Donald Trump

The Great Pretender's ongoing hysteria about a wall to keep out his fictional "tremendous onslaught" of brown people is happily, increasingly running into its own wall - knowledgeable people in border areas pushing back and arguing #WallsDontWork. The president mentioned El Paso in his State of the Union address last week as an example to support his demand for a wall.

Supporters of President Donald Trump's proposed border security measures gathered to form a human "wall" along a section of the U.S. -Mexico border in New Mexico on Saturday.

Reuters Waving U.S. flags, the protesters chanted, "Build a wall".

He then plans on holding a counter-rally at roughly the same time as when the President takes the stage.

Beto O'Rourke is not shying away from the spotlight as President Donald Trump prepares to hold a rally in the El Paso hometown of the former congressman and potential presidential candidate. "He will promise a wall and will repeat his lies about the dangers that immigrants pose", O'Rourke wrote Friday on Medium.

Monday, Trump heads to El Paso, where he won 25.7% of the 2016 vote and enraged everyone in a SOTU speech falsely declaring it a hell-hole of crime - a reality officials say only exists in "Sicario", given they boast one of the lowest crime rates of any big city.

Many locals questioned why Trump said the city was once one of the nation's most risky cities, prompting a written response from El Paso's Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar. "El Paso was never one of the most unsafe cities in the U.S. We've had a fence for 10 years and it has impacted illegal immigration and curbed criminal activity".

"These distortions about our vibrant community are harmful to our reputation and degrade our spirit", Escobar wrote.



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