Tearful police chief swears in Texas girl battling cancer

She vowed to

Abigail stood on a stepladder as she raised her right hand to join the police department in Freeport.

A 6-year-old Texas girl with an incurable cancer said she had dreamed of becoming a police officer, so the Freeport Police Department decided to make her an honorary officer for the day - and the chief of police broke down while swearing her in. The 6-year-old girl is battling Wilms tumor, a cancer that doctors say there is no cure.

Not wanting to waste any of her remaining time, Abigail was able to live out her dream of wanting to be a police officer after the Freeport Police swore her in as an honorary officer.

"That just devastated us", her father, Rueben Arias, said.

"She took an oath today to continue fighting the "bad guys" until she is cancer free! The doctors can say what they say medically, but we know that God is the one that has her destiny in his hands". "So I want to help the bad guys go away and I want to help this cancer go away in like, 5 seconds".

But Abigail is strong, and she told her mother that the bad guys won't win this time. During the meeting, the girl expressed her desire to become a police officer when she grows up. Garivey said, "Her terrific smile and will to keep fighting "the bad guys" inside of her - I wanted to make her dream come true", according to CNN, adding, "You have to meet her to really understand what a great and inspiring young lady she is". "I rung the bell, but now this cancer is coming back".

Abigail was first diagnosed two years ago and after 80 rounds of chemotherapy was in remission for five months, but the disease returned in both lungs.

"She is no doubt God-sent", Garivey said. "I felt excitement and all love", she said.



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