Obesity-Related Cancer Rates Are Rising Among Millennials

MANCHESTER United Kingdom A woman stands outside a sandwich shop in Manchester in north-west England 10 October 2006. The United Kingdom is the fattest country in Europe according to the BBC based on a new study of obesity rates in England to be rel

The American Cancer Society study, which used data covering half the U.S. population, found that six cancers known to be related to obesity were rising fastest among those under 50.

Because the database does not include details on obesity and other risk factors nor mode of detection for the cancer diagnosis statistics, the results do not provide sufficient information to determine a causal relationship, according to the study. In contrast, for all but two of the 18 non-obesity related cancers, rates either stabilized or declined in successive younger birth cohorts.

The risk of colorectal, uterine corpus, pancreatic and gall bladder cancers in millennials is about double the rate baby boomers had at the same age, per the report. Sharper rises were observed among successively younger generations and particularly among millennials (in their 20s and 30s).

The younger the age group, the greater the size of the increase in all seven of the cancer types except for thyroid cancer.

The research suggests that the rapid rise in obesity over the last few decades may account for the observed trend, with "younger generations worldwide experiencing an earlier and longer exposure to the dangers of extra weight". This included cancers related to HIV infections or smoking.

The incidence remains far lower in younger people - with two 25-49 year olds per 100,000 getting pancreatic cancer a year, compared to 37 per 100,00 in 50-84 year olds - but the trend is concerning, researchers said. Of course, obesity is only one factor - the environment, genetics and other issues also play roles, the BBC points out.

Ahmedin Jemal, senior author of the study, said: 'Although the absolute risk of these cancers is small in younger adults, these findings have important public health implications.

The obesity epidemic is driving a surge in the number of young people diagnosed with obesity-related cancers that threatens to reverse decades of progress in lowering cancer deaths, according to a new study. "Less than half of primary care physicians regularly assess body mass index despite national screening recommendations", he said. Cancer prevention will most likely involve "prevention of other things that might precipitate cancer", said Jakicic, who wasn't involved in the study. The authors suggest that restrictions on advertising calorie-dense food and drinks, taxes on sugary drinks and urban planning that promotes physical activity could be effective strategies to stem the emerging trend.

Obesity is one of the most common problem which gives rise to different students. Additional experimental and population-based studies will be needed to test the hypothesis more directly. He is scientific vice president for surveillance and health services research at the American Cancer Society.

What this research shows, Berger said, is an association between cancer and obesity in younger and younger ages.

[1] Quote direct from author and can not be found in the text of the Article.

[4] For incidence rates and frequencies for all cancer types examined in the study, please see Table S2 the appendix.

Professor Aranda explained that individuals can also take steps to reduce their risk of lifestyle-related cancers.



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