Hunt for Leshens as Geralt of Rivia in Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Witcher Event

The trailer shows off interactions as Geralt explores this odd new world, and also teases some of the gameplay players can anticipate in the single player crossover event.

The first part of this collaboration puts you in Geralt's boots and gives you all-new mysteries to solve and gear to craft with the Special Assignment "Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest".

Game publisher CAPCOM recently announced that the latest update of popular video game Monster Hunter: World will finally release the Witcher 3 collaboration content. The Witcher 3 players will be familiar with the hard-hitting, magic using Leshen which dwells in forests.

If players manage to complete the task, they'll be able to craft the Geralt a full armor set for the Hunter, as well as the Witcher's Silver Sword weapon in the Sword & Shield category. This mission will pit players against a known "Witcher" creature, a Leshen, while armed with a silver sword and a spells from the "Witcher" universe.

Completing the quest will reward players with Witcher-themed items, resources for crafting Geralt's iconic armour and weapon set, a Palico skin and weapon, plus new gestures, titles, and guild card background.

Will you be jumping into the new content?

With flexible online multiplayer options and an accessible quest structure, players can tackle challenges alone or join up to three other hunters online for cooperative play.

Meanwhile, the Siri costume components are from the harder "Woodland Spirit" quest.

Monster Hunter World Update V6.00 has been out on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Filming kicked off late a year ago with a budget of $60 million, and now it has progressed to the point where Sony Pictures is confident in setting a release date.



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