Google’s Top Tips for Keeping You and Your Family Safer Online

Google password checkup

The other update is called Cross Account Protection.

A pop-up alert will appear alerting users if their details are no longer safe and will suggest they change their password. Consider using a password manager, like the one built into your Chrome browser, to help you safeguard and keep track of all the passwords for your different online accounts.

This technology is created to help consumers to identify and re-secure accounts affected by data breaches before their at-risk accounts are abused.

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day, and to mark the occasion Google launched a couple of new tools to enhance you and your data's safety.

The new plugin for Chrome was designed in collaboration with cryptography experts from Stanford University, although the extension is now available only for users of Google's browser.

Google's own research published today shows that many people still reuse passwords.

Google says it will only share minimal information with other services and has developed new privacy-protecting techniques alongside cryptography researchers from Google and Stanford University.

Password Checkup is now available in the Chrome Web Store as an extension for Chrome, while more information on how to use it or toggle it on or off is available on the "Protect accounts that have unsafe passwords" Google support page. Google says it will only share basic information regarding the event itself.

- Take the Google Security Checkup: The Security Checkup gives you personalized and actionable security recommendations that help you strengthen the security of your Google Account.

With Password Checkup on, your Google account will be safe, as it will proactively detecting and responding to security threats in real time.

Cross Account Protection is the next step - in case a hacker has already compromised an account and managed to log in. "Services such as Google Security Checkup are clean and simple one-stop-shops for a regular "internet security NCT", which will significantly reduce the risk posed by ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated attacks on your personal information online". Add Google account on devices, to be able to find it, so if a device is lost or stolen, "Find My Device" app from Google can help locate a lost Android device, and keep your device and information secure.



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