Chinese satellite sends image of moon’s captures rear side

This Photo Shows the Dark Side of the Moon and Earth in the Same Shot

DSLWP-B is a micro-satellite built by Chinese astronomers. Now Longjiang-2 orbits the moon by its lonesome, testing out future radio astronomy and interferometry techniques (studying what happens when light, radio, electromagentic, and various other types of waves are met with interference).

Zhang He, executive director of the Chang'e-4 probe project, from the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), explained the difference between the data from the Apollo mission and Chang'e-4's discovery.

The Dwingeloo Radio Observatory in the Netherlands reports that the photo was captured by China's Longjiang-2 satellite on February 3rd, 2019.

Chang'e 4, part of China's ambitious plan to become a major space power by 2030, is composed of two parts: a lander, which powered the journey to the moon, and a rover, which detached from the lander after impact to explore the moon's surface.

Queqiao has also played a crucial role in China's lunar lander mission.

Queqiao is now located in a stable position near the Moon. According to Chinese scientists, the probe is now about 18 meters northwest of the lander and is in constant communication with ground control here on Earth. On 3 February current year, the satellite captured an image of the far side of the Moon with our planet in the background.

The photo was taken with a camera linked to an amateur radio transceiver on board the Chinese DSLWP-B/Longjiang-2 satellite. The tiny satellite took lovely pictures of the Moon after reaching lunar orbit in June 2018, but in early January 2019, as the CNSA was carefully monitoring the landing of Chang'e-4, it invoked a radio-quiet period to minimise interference, according to CAMRAS, which manages the Dwingeloo Radio telescope in the northeastern Netherlands.



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