2018 fourth hottest year on record

NASA's 2018 temperatures compared to the 1951-1980 average

If you spent much time outside last summer and thought that it wasn't that hot in past years, you were right.

NASA's global temperature analyses use surface temperature recordings from 6,300 weather stations around the world, incorporating ship- and buoy-based measurements of ocean surface temperatures as well as measurements of surface temperatures from Antarctic research outposts.

"There was no Greenland and sea level was about 25 meters higher". The average annual sea ice extent was 4 million square miles in 2018, the second smallest extent in records going back to 1979, NOAA reported.

For years, climate change has been grossly ignored by President Trump, as well as Congress writ large.

NOAA and NASA scientists say that in regards to global temperatures, the foot is on the accelerator.

Schmidt said that 2018 was "quite clearly the fourth warmest year on record and it was probably warmer than many hundreds of years before that". "That's a clear upward signal".

Two US agencies, the UK Met Office and the World Meteorological Organization analyzed global temperatures in slightly different ways, but each came to the same conclusion on Wednesday: Last year was the fourth-warmest year on record behind 2016, 2015 and 2017. From last year's devastating hurricanes and coastal floods to last week's polar vortex, scientists already have plenty of disastrous phenomena to hold up as immediately evident repercussions of manmade environmental damage.

Arndt says 2018 "was an exclamation point, I think, on a trend that we're seeing toward more big rain, particularly in the eastern United States".

The November report warned that climate change will intensify over the century without swift emissions cuts. "Greenhouse gas emission reduction and climate adaptation measures should be a top global priority".

The 2018 global temperature reports were originally scheduled for release in mid-January, but they were delayed because the 35-day partial government shutdown prevented government scientists from finalizing their calculations.

If a warming planet were an Olympic sport, fourth wouldn't make the podium.

However, scientific analysis shows that for the most recent period, between 1981 and 2018, the frequency of a new record increased to once every three years.



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