16,000 Cheaters Already Banned From 'Apex Legends'

Players are mistakenly paying for Apex Construct, thinking it's Apex Legends

PC Gamer first reported the news after an Apex Construct developer posted on the Vive subreddit and shared the story of the massive and sudden increase in sales.

In the words of Respawn Entertainment, "cheaters suck".

Another mode found in the files is called "Survival", with other Apex Legends fan-ran Twitter account RealApexLeaks stating that we might see a host NPC (non-playable character), which there are eight to choose from.

Taking to reddit, the team posted a full update on everything going on with the backend, from bans for cheaters to bug reports. According to the files, the survival mode will feature an NPC crowd that reacts to players by cheering them on, giving standing ovations and booing.

Anyone who watched Chappie, and played the game can immediately spot the similarities. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as just calling them out. We have heard your feedback about a report feature in the game. Even without evidence, moderators will still investigate the player. However, it would seem its popularity has come with a side-effect, one of mistaken identity.

Players have suggested an in-game session way of reporting cheaters. "I'll just say that's a very good idea".

And then finally there's descriptions for what looks like Twitch Prime exclusive cosmetic, which was also probably inevitable given the game's success, with a new Pathfinder skin and five Apex Packs.

Have you experienced cheaters in Apex Legends?



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