What Is a Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse?

A Long March-3B rocket carrying Chang'e 4 lunar probe takes off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in Sichuan province China

The control centre will choose a proper time to land the probe on the far side of the moon, according to CNSA.

Looking forward, the eventual Chang'e 5 is being planned as the grande finale for China's push to the Moon, and the spacecraft that makes that trip will not only land on the Moon like its predecessors but also return to Earth with samples of the lunar surface.

The Chang'e 4 spacecraft, launched December 7 on a Long March-3B rocket, initially entered lunar orbit five days later on December 12, deploying a landing craft and a surface rover in preparation for its descent.

The mission is groundbreaking for a number of reasons but the most notable is that it'll be the first soft landing on the far side of the Moon, and China's second Moon landing overall. But the China National Space Administration has not yet disclosed when the landing will occur.

It will also investigate the Aitken basin, one of the largest craters in the solar system.

Since lunar eclipses can only take place during a full moon - this spectacular event will occur during the first full moon in January, which is known as a "Wolf moon".

Chang'e 4 consists of two parts - a lander and a rover, and the two carry multiple scientific instruments. The new moon will mean darker skies, which will make it possible for the human eye to appreciate the Eta Aquarids' dazzling show. Such eclipses are sometimes known as "blood moons" as a result of the alignment of the solar, Earth, and moon which prompts their incidence causes photovoltaic rays to go through the environment, giving the planet a reddish tint.

The Chang'e-4 mission will be a key step in revealing the moon's mysterious side, a report by state-run Xinhua news agency said.

China is ready to become the first country to send a probe to the dark side of the moon.

This would not only contribute to scientific research, but would also mark a major step in China's ambition to be at par with the U.S. and Russian Federation as space powers by 2030.

China aims to catch up with Russian Federation and the United States to become a major space power by 2030.

Viewed by the global science community as a key mission in Beijing's burgeoning space program, Chang'e 4 will make astronomical observations, survey lunar terrain and study the composition of minerals.

Beijing, for its part, insists its intentions are completely peaceful.



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