Resident Evil 2 Remake demo stats revealed by Capcom

RE2 remake weapons locker keycard

It's been confirmed that you can die in the demo and still continue - the only limitation is that 30 minute clock. "Please reconnect once the warning message has been displayed, or exit the game once if any disconnection issues have been encountered". At the moment, only 29% actually managed to make it in the thirty minutes of gameplay we have been granted.

Naturally, the best choice when confronted with the idea that you can play an extremely short demo a couple of times is to make it even shorter.

You can download the Resident Evil 2 demo for free, even without a PlayStation Plus account.

There's no official release time, but the demo has already gone live in Australia.

The Resident Evil 2 demo release date is January 11 and will be available for download until January 31.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake 1-Shot Demo is now available worldwide, and new details on the upcoming remake have emerged online.

Can I extend the Resident Evil 2 One Shot demo?

Do you plan to check out the Resident Evil 2 demo?

In fact, the entire idea behind the demo was to only give players one chance to complete it and experience it. You get 30 minutes to play through as Leon S. Kennedy. Upon completing the demo, you will be given a new cinematic trailer to watch.

Early in the demo, you'll encounter a police officer who screams for your help.

You should also check your inventory often, with time stopping when you're in the menu screens.



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