Meteor Showers in the Sky Tonight

The Quadrantids can be one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year

However, despite the relatively lengthy period in which they occur, catching the peak-where up to 100 meteors shoot across the sky-can be tricky as it only lasts around six hours. The International Meteor Organization lists the peak time as January 4 at 02:00 UTC, which for us in Arizona translates into January 3 at 19:00 MST (7:00pm) so you won't even need to stay up late to catch the big show!

Are you fond of seeing meteor showers as well?

With a moon-free sky on January 3, the Quadrantid meteor shower has a good chance of high visibility against a dark sky in northern latitudes.

Considered one of the brightest meteor showers in 2019, you definitely will want to make an effort to see this celestial event.

The Quadrantid shower lasts for weeks, but it has a very narrow peak of a few hours with maximum activity. That's because the Quadrantids' namesake constellation no longer exists - at least, not as a recognized constellation. But skywatchers may still get a good look at meteors spawned by 2003 EH1, an asteroid that's possibly a "rock comet", which is a space object that acts like a cross between an asteroid and a comet. Each year, Earth passes through this debris trail for a short time. The shower will happen between the Big Dipper and Bootes constellations. Avoiding light from cellphones and other sources will give people's eyes more time to adjust to the darkness and make the meteors easier to see.

Between January 20 and 21, a rare super blood moon total lunar eclipse will be visible in North and South America, western areas in Europe and Africa, and a partial lunar eclipse will be visible in central and eastern Africa, Europe and Asia.



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