Kingdom Hearts 3's epilogue will arrive the day after launch

Kingdom Hearts 3 Day One Patch Contains Game's Epilogue

Although you'll be able to play Kingdom Hearts III in its entirety on release day, you'll have to wait until January 30 to watch the epilogue video. Those videos are the same five digest videos now streaming on the game's official Japanese website. Using this method, gamers who gain access to the game early in Japan starting January 25, and those who power through the campaign on January 29 should be unable to immediately spoil the ending and "ruin" the game for those who've yet to complete it.

There are a few little perks available to you when you preorder the merchandise of Kingdom Hearts 3 Standard edition.

Memory Archive (videos): The Memory Archive option will be added to the game's title menu and can be viewed at any time. Just like the Epilogue, only players who have completed Kingdom Hearts III will receive access to the Secret video. Since this is the conclusion of the trilogy, it's hard to say what it might reveal-but the story of Kingdom Hearts has plenty of room for more sequels, even if this trilogy comes to a proper conclusion. It's just that you'll struggle downloading each patch without it. Finally, on Thursday, January 31, a third patch will add a secret video. The majority of Kingdom Hearts games do not feature co-op or multiplayer, because the game is designed like a standard RPG, and Kingdom Hearts 3 will be no different. It's a great way to remember certain events before jumping into the game. The criteria depends on the selected difficulty level.

The company should have taken a leaf out of Sony's or Sega's book, wherein all the content necessary to the experiences is on disc or the initial download, with updates spent on adding to it rather than forcing players to go online when they shouldn't.



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