Facebook can’t be deleted off some Samsung phones, and users aren’t happy


Given the revelations about how the Facebook app tracks its users and harvests data, that might not be an acceptable compromise for a lot of users.

The report adds that programers have been filing bug reports on developer platforms to notify that the Facebook SDK automatically shares data "before apps are able to ask users to agree or consent". The phone also comes loaded with many Google apps such as YouTube, Google Play Music and Gmail; Google is the creator of the Android software that powers the phone.

While most of the third-party apps can be useful for the consumers - many people will invariably install Facebook if it is not on the phone - these apps called bloatware can also be annoying at times. So it no longer collects data or sends information back to the company. While some users found that they could disable the app, deleting the app is still impossible for them. But even if phone companies want to make it easier for people to use a phone immediately after they take it out of the box, the companies should at least allow people to delete pre-installed apps. "We the consumer should have a say in what we want and don't want on our products".

Winke said in an interview with Bloomberg, 'It just absolutely baffles me that if I wanted to completely get rid of Facebook that it essentially would still be on my phone, which brings up more questions. But Google is the company that makes Android, and device makers like Samsung have to preinstall Google apps on the devices they make. Facebook's spokesperson did, however, say that if you disable the app on your phone, it acts as if it's uninstalled, so it can not collect data or anything of the sort, which is something Mr. Winke was concerned about, and probably at least a part of the reason why he wanted to delete that app from his smartphone. These apps each have an install base from 10 to 500 million, and they include educational tool Duolingo, flight search engine Skyscanner, travel site Kayak and job database Indeed. Unfortunately, you can't remove or uninstall a lot of them like other downloaded apps from the Google PlayStore.

However, the customer isn't informed about any of this before a purchase is made.

In December, Justin McMurry, whose Twitter handle is @BoutSebm, wrote that he considered Facebook a privacy threat. "It's basically a non-functional empty shell, acts as the placeholder for when the phone receives the "real" Facebook app as app updates ..."

Samsung claims that such arrangements are made in order to provide "the best" experience to users.



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