"Bird Box" Monsters Finally Revealed

Nielsen's figure of 26 million is still enough to be the most-watched Netflix Original movie over its first seven days, breaking the previous record of 20 million set in December 2017 by Bright. It has also inspired countless memes, an incredibly dumb challenge, and probably a spike in blindfold sales.

Based on the Josh Malerman novel of the same name and directed by Susanne Bier, Bird Box stars Hollywood A-listers such as Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side, Gravity), Emmy and Golden Globe victor Sarah Paulson (Ocean's 8, American Horror Story), John Malkovich (Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon), Parminder Nagra (ER, Bend It Like Beckham) and relative newcomers in rapper-turned-actor Machine Gun Kelly-credited as Colson Baker, Rosa Salazar (Parenthood, Alita: Battle Angel) and Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight).

The cold open to Tuesday night's edition of CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was a trailer for "Bird Box 2" that reenacts the film's opening scene, in which Sandra Bullock's character warns two little children not to remove their blindfolds "or I will hurt you".

While the accuracy of those numbers is hotly debated, the number of online jokes about the film, including the blindfolded "Bird Box challenge", suggest that an terrible lot of people have seen it.

Director Susanne Bier is careful not to give anything away. I have no particular interest in that the audience is left with a totally bleak view. "We actually shot that and spent a lot of energy on, but every time I saw it, I was like, 'This is not going to be tense.'" After seeing how goofy this thing looks, it's obvious she made the correct decision. The Bird Box Challenge. Bergholtz revealed on Instagram. It's a warped, veiny creature with baby features and nightmarish creepiness. "It was a green man with a horrific baby face". He also dispelled previous reports that said the monsters would look like a "snake-like green man, clarifying that an actor in a spandex green-screen suit was meant to be a giant CGI creature with a monstrous body to be added later. Everything from the neck down was meant to be a giant CGI creature/body added later".

Meanwhile, the writer, Eric Heisserer said that the producers had forced him to write a big revelation scene.

"In the end, I actually really liked the movie and think it was better off NOT showing the makeup", he wrote. Searching for hope and a new beginning, a woman and her children embark on a risky journey through the woods and down a river to find the one place that may offer sanctuary. Keep in mind, the fatal "vision" that each character saw would most likely be different for each person (you'll understand if you've seen the film), and this makeup appeared in a cut "dream/nightmare sequence" with Sandra Bullock's character. In the case of Sandra Bullock's pregnant character, Malorie, the monster apparently looked like a "demonic baby creature".

Given that each character would end up seeing a different variation of the monster, it's hard to tell.



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