Billions of stars (including the sun) are turning into crystals

The Sun Will Turn Into a Giant Crystal Ball After It Dies

Using photometry and parallax data harvested by ESA's Gaia satellite, a team of astronomers led by Dr. Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay from the University of Warwick's Department of Physics, set out to find direct evidence of white dwarf crystallization.

"We have not observed any such objects because they would be too faint". Thanks to the precise measurements that it is capable of, we have understood the interior of white dwarfs in a way that we never expected.

Astronomers identified the first direct evidence that old stars turn to rock when they run out of nuclear fuel and begin to cool down. It is estimated that up to 97 per cent of stars in the Milky Way will eventually turn into white dwarfs, while the most massive of stars will end up as neutron stars or black holes.

Eventually, the sun will cool off and become a giant crystal floating through space. They are the rest of the centers of red goliaths after these colossal stars have passed on and shed their external layers and are always cooling as they discharge their accumulated warmth through the span of billions of years. In the process, they uncovered a "pile-up" of stars with colors and luminosities that matched those predicted for crystallized white dwarfs. Therefore, gaining a greater understanding of how crystallization can stave off the cooling process, essentially making the stars appear younger than they really are, would help astronomers improve the accuracy of the white dwarf dating technique.

The twinkling orb may look similar to the other fiery stars around it, but it is actually a ideal sphere of crystal.

They found large numbers of the stars showing signs that indicated that they have cooled down - and showed signs they were turning to rock.

The researchers analyzed a whopping 15,109 white dwarfs and mapped their luminosities and colors and saw a unusual group of data points sticking out.

The Gaia space telescope was trained by scientists on 15,000 white dwarf candidates that are around 300 light years of Earth. But that's not what the Gaia data show.

Our sun is going to turn into a crystal sphere - although we won't be around to see it, as it'll happen in ten billion years.

"We saw a pile-up of white dwarfs of certain colors and luminosities that were otherwise not linked together in terms of their evolution", said Tremblay.

Scientists further reveal that this crystallisation lasts for several billion years, and the heat released during the process slows down the evolution of the white dwarfs. As for our Sun, the researcher and his colleagues estimate that it will undergo the crystallization process in around 10 billion years, give or take. "The Sun itself will become a crystal white dwarf in about 10 billion years".



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