Benefits To Going After Enes Kanter

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The teams are in talks over a potential trade that would involve the Knicks sending center Enes Kanter to Sacramento in exchange for power forward Zach Randolph, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Wednesday, citing National Basketball Association sources.

The Kings would want to send the Knicks more expiring deals in a trade, Wojnarowski reported, adding that a third team could help facilitate things.

Kanter is due to make $18.6 million this season, while Randolph will be getting $11.6 million.

Randolph has not played in 2018-19 and is on an $11.6 million deal.

Although Wojnarowski's sources say a Randolph for Kanter trade isn't close, both players should consider preparing themselves for a move prior to the February 7 National Basketball Association trade deadline.

New York Knicks may have found a trade partner for the Turkish starWhat's the rumor? After living in the basement of the Western Conference standings for over the last decade, the purple and white are finally a decent team as they stand at a record of 20-21 halfway through their campaign.

The deal would provide a return to NY for Randolph, who spent 80 games with the Knicks between 2007-2009.

As mentioned in a previous post, there are several unidentified teams interested in trading for Kanter.

Kanter is averaging 31.4 FanDuel points per game this season.

As Wojnarowski points out, nothing is close yet, but this may be the best opportunity the Knicks have to unload some of their veterans before the trade deadline. But if the Knicks can manage to sneak Courtney Lee or Tim Hardaway Jr. into a deal, this trade would become a home run.



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