As Brexit vote looms, protests held outside United Kingdom parliament

Four Brexiteers have pledged to vote for Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement

If MPs determine they have no confidence in the government, this in turn could trigger a general election.

The leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, tabled a motion of no-confidence against Theresa May's government moments after the vote was finalised.

Downing Street insisted its deal was not dead, but effectively admitted it had lost control of the Brexit process by saying it would open talks with MPs from all parties about what sort of agreement could get through the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn has triggered a vote of no confidence in the Government to and attempt to force a general election.

After a gruelling five days of parliamentary debate on May's Brexit deal, Tuesday evening will see MPs finally given the chance to decide whether to back the PM's proposal on how the United Kingdom should leave the EU.

The House has spoken and the Government will listen. "We want to leave with a deal and we want to work with others who share that".

In the course of that period the opposition may seek to form alliances within the Commons to demonstrate they are the party most likely to command the confidence of the House and therefore should be given the opportunity to form a government.

Campaigners formed a human chain around the city centre building and called for a People's Vote to give the public the final say on the Brexit deal with the option to still remain in the European Union.

Number 10 also rejected demands from the SNP for Brexit to be delayed by extending or revoking Article 50.

The motion would have to be tabled under the 2011 Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, which requires a majority of MPs to pass.

Mr Corbyn's party is already putting itself on an election footing, with a party political broadcast on the theme of uniting the country set to be released on Wednesday.

'This is a catastrophic defeat of this government.

It is unclear whether Brussels would accept any changes to the Brexit deal suggested by MPs.

Liam Fox told Nick that he hoped MPs would support the Prime Minister. With a negotiated deal in ruins and the prospect of an economically devastating "hard Brexit" looming - meaning an abrupt exit from the European Union with no agreements in place on trade, customs, immigration and travel - no one has any clear idea what that might be.



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