AMD launches world's first 7nm gaming GPU Radeon VII for $699

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang                  CNET

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang slammed rival AMD's first 7-nanometer gaming graphics card right after it was unveiled.

AMD CEO Lisa Su fired back, saying AMD isn't all in on ray tracing just yet simply because other parts of the ecosystem are not ready.

AMD has used its CES 2019 keynote to unveil a new flagship gaming GPU called the AMD Radeon VII, built on a 7nm process and using its second-generation Vega architecture, and it will be launching on February 7th 2019 for $699 (roughly £660 when converted with 20 percent added for tax). TSMC's 7nm production is likely to be quite expensive in the case of a 331 mm silicon chip, as will the four HBM2 RAM stacks on the 4096-bit memory interface. Huang reportedly told PCWorld that he finds the Radeon VII "underwhelming" because "the performance is lousy and there's nothing new". Whether frame rates will turn this into a single or a triple, we'll have to see in testing. The Vega VII will have a TDP of 300W, 5W higher than the Vega 64 and almost 100W more than NVIDIA's RTX 2080.

It's possible that AMD considers such a product as worthwhile because Nvidia concentrated on Turing on Raytracing and thus does not bring out the highest rasterisation performance from the chips - thus the Radeon 7 should be within striking distance of the Geforce RTX 2080 [VIDEO]. "And if we turn on ray tracing we'll crush it".

Huang stated that they tested FreeSync monitors extensively and "unsurprisingly majority don't work". And that wasn't his only jab at AMD-Huang also said that Nvidia's G-Sync essentially has no competition because AMD's FreeSync doesn't work.

AMD is looking to become competitive again in the high-end PC graphics market, roughly a year and a half after it launched the Radeon RX Vega 64. But Radeon VII will cost $700 (£548) in the U.S. when it's available 7 February. For comparison, Nvidia's RTX 2060 sports a starting price of $346.

A little later AMD's CEO Dr Lisa Su was presented with the comments and diplomatically dismissed Huang's comments regarding the Radeon VII by pondering "I would probably suggest that he hasn't seen it yet".



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