Amazon's Ring Gave Employees Access to Customer Security Camera Feeds

Ring reportedly gave employees access to customer video feeds

Additionally, as if that wasn't bad enough, those employees could also access a "corresponding database that linked each specific video file to corresponding specific Ring customers". However, the company said in a statement that it takes customer privacy "extremely seriously", acknowledging the annotation of "certain Ring videos".

According to The Intercept, sources said that Ring's local and overseas employees were given "highly privileged access" to live feeds. Thanks to a report from The Intercept, Ring customers should be more anxious about the company's employees watching them than anyone else. Customers can choose to share some information - such as photos of the hair cut they got last time they visited a salon - but the businesses can't access anything stored in user profiles unless users specifically allow them to. Members of the R&D team even teased each other regarding the person they brought home after a date, since they could access the feed from their colleagues' security cameras too.

The Intercept also reported that Ring's overview of the Neighbours platform has no mention of facial recognition and no mention of a team of employees that use footage to improve the company's object recognition system.

Ring, the Amazon subdivision that makes smart cameras and doorbells, may have given employees unrestricted access to unencrypted customer video footage.

As with other security cameras, Ring's can be mounted outside the front door or inside the home to give you a peek, through an app, of who's there.

Ring's doorbell could work well with Amazon Key, which lets delivery personnel put packages inside a home to avoid theft or, in the case of fresh food, spoiling.

Amazon's popular security system, Ring, is billed as a round-the-clock sentry for homeowners. The Ukrainian team manually tagged and labeled objects in a given video as a training process to teach the software to recognize objects on its own. It appears that this team is responsible for developing Ring's AI object recognition technology, so it actually makes sense that this team has access to some real-world data, and they employ people specifically for the objective of viewing and annotating these videos.

The only thing needed to view the video feeds of these Ring users was the user email address. These recordings are sourced exclusively from publicly shared Ring videos from the Neighbors app (in accordance with our terms of service), and from a small fraction of Ring users who have provided their explicit written consent to allow us to access and utilize their videos for such purposes. We hold our team members to a high ethical standard and anyone in violation of our policies faces discipline, including termination and potential legal and criminal penalties.

A report by The Intercept claims that smart home security company Ring gave its employees full access to its customers' live camera feeds - inside, and outside the home - in what could be an explosive privacy scandal for the company. She warns that companies could potentially sell data to insurance companies who could find, for instance, that someone was drinking caffeine during a pregnancy — potentially raising health risks and policy premiums.



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