Rockstar Addresses 'Red Dead Online' Issues, New Updates Planned for This Week

10 Things Red Dead Online Doesn't Tell You

In a statement on Twitter, Rockstar writes "Your feedback from these early days will be instrumental in helping formulate updates to every aspect of the experience".

While there are likely many updates in the pipeline, Rockstar is honing in on the economy for this first major update.

Thanking Red Dead Online players for participating in the beta, Rockstar Games mentioned some of the specific areas it's focused on. You should expect to see some changes in an update at the end of this week, with more to come next week.

It is now unclear whether this reworking will extend to Red Dead Online's gold bar system.

One of the main criticisms of Red Dead Online is also the most expected: the in-game economy and sense of progression are out of whack. The rate that cash and gold bars are earned at is also coming under fire, along with claims from Rockstar customer support that in-game prices are created to give a "realistic feel" of the time period.

Post cited how the current Red Dead Online is just an initial beta version and will be improved. Even basic purchases like horse insurance are overpriced.

Despite many players enjoying Red Dead Online thus far, many have been less than pleased about the state of the in-game economy. Red Dead Online was met with a lot of enthusiasm, and players are still exploring everything it has to offer.

Another redditor, Sinful_One, reached out to Rockstar to question the rate at which they were earning currency, and the reply didn't do much to quell the ire of the community.

The problem for many players with this, however, is that Gold Bars allow you to obtain certain items earlier than you can without them, meaning one can buy Bars with real money and get a leg up on other players online.



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