PETA: Phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’ are comparable to racism, homophobia

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"Mentally abusing entire minorities is now being treated the same as saying phrases that have animals in them".

The group recently tweeted a photo, which offered alternatives for common phrases that use "anti-animal language".

"I'm going to die laughing" is probably not the reaction PETA was seeking with its latest initiative supporting animal rights, this one demanding people abandon commonly used phrases with "anti-animal language".

They're tried-and-true elements of the American language, but now, the animal rights group PETA wants you to stop using common phrases like "bring home the bacon" and "kill two birds with one stone" - suggesting that these idioms carry harmful messages. Instead of "bring home the bacon", try "bring home the bagels". PETA suggests replacing "be the guinea pig" with "be the test tube".

In another tweet, PETA took the bull by the horns, er, "took the flower by the thorns" and explained its reasoning.

Instead of "beat a dead horse", PETA recommends saying "feed a fed horse", even if "beat a dead horse" means one should not waste one's time doing something that won't work and nothing to do with feeding horses.

There has also, however, been a flood of tweets from social media users sympathetic to PETA's cause.

The tweets have received a huge amount of backlash, with more than 20,000 people replying, mostly criticising the organisation.

"Say: "Feed two birds with one scone".



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